Google reassures Samsung about the future of Android

Google reassures Samsung about the future of Android
As Google waits to clear the regulatory hurdles for acquiring Motorola Mobility, they continue to answer questions about what it will mean for other Android device makers.

Immediately after Google announced the buyout agreement in August, Samsung executives gathered to discuss the ramifications of the deal.

Now Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has made a trip to Samsung's home country of South Korea to deliver the message that Android vendors need not fear his company's Motorola acquisition.

In a statement to the Korean media, Schmidt spoke of his message to companies like Samsung and HTC. He said (via Reuters):

In general, with all of our partners, we told them that the Motorola deal will close and we will run it sufficiently and independently, that it will not violate the openness of Android.

It is a message he has been repeating for some time as Google continues to battle the perception Motorola Mobility will receive favored treatment.

From Google's point of view, it seems to make more sense to alienate any device makers anyway. Google's primary interest in Android is getting consumers to their services. The key component to that strategy is getting Android devices into as many consumers' hands as possible.

Rampant speculation they might pursue a course similar to Apple seems to miss the big difference between the two companies. Apple is a hardware company which offers complementary services. Google is a services company.

Motorola selling Android phones means more money for Google, but the same is true for Samsung, HTC, and any other company.

Written by: Rich Fiscus @ 9 Nov 2011 12:15
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  • Yudiputa (unverified)

    Eric stop dreaming of your $50B mobile ads. It wont work. Youre stealth move will ultimately catch up on Google.

    9.11.2011 13:22 #1

  • llongtheD

    As the owner of Motorola, does any one actually believe they won't favor THEIR hardware? What's the guess that if Google actually does acquire them, Motorola will be first in line for updates etc.?

    9.11.2011 23:36 #2

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