Verizon Galaxy Nexus to cost $299

Verizon Galaxy Nexus to cost $299
Verizon's upcoming Galaxy Nexus will cost $299 with contract when it inevitably hits the carrier this month.

Google and Samsung unveiled the flagship Android 4.0 phone earlier this year but all the companies involved have been utterly quiet on a release date.

The $299 price tag makes sense as Verizon has set that price point for its LTE phones.

As reported earlier, Verizon is unsurprisingly removing a major feature, Google's "Google Wallet" NFC-based service.

This is likely because Verizon is part of the joint "Isis" NFC payment system.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 6 Dec 2011 12:09
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  • hearme0

    F that and F Verizon!

    Shady company as is and now they have the arrogance to charge their STUPID customers (who are senseless enough to keep paying those outrageous prices) 300 bucks for an F'ing phone on a 2 F'ing year contract no doubt. Screw that!!!!!!!!!!

    Just pony up the extra 200 and buy it straight up and take solace in the notion of being able to bail whenever you want.

    6.12.2011 17:07 #1

  • plutonash

    It is quite expensive for a mid tier phone.

    "Cable thief is a victimless crime."

    6.12.2011 17:14 #2

  • ThePastor

    Yeah $200 is a crime...
    $300 is rape!

    Unfortunately for them, all Blu-ray protections have been broken and BD rips can be found around the Internet, usually before the retail even hits shelves.

    6.12.2011 20:12 #3

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