RIM gives out instruction on how to remove Carrier IQ from BlackBerry

RIM gives out instruction on how to remove Carrier IQ from BlackBerry
RIM has become the first handset maker to officially give instructions on how to remove the smartphone rootkit Carrier IQ.

The software runs secretly on over 140 million smartphones including Android, BlackBerry and some versions of iOS and can log all keystrokes, phone calls made, and apps used. T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint have confirmed using the software, but Verizon vehemently denies including it on any of its phones. T-Mobile says it uses the software to help improve call quality.

RIM says it does not pre-install Carrier IQ on its BlackBerry devices, nor does it authorize carriers to do so. However, it has been revealed that the software is found on one carrier's Bold 9900, the Curve 9360 and Torch 9810. The document also shows that the Carrier IQ software was installed on Android phones from T-Mobile.

If you are looking to remove the software from your BlackBerry device, RIM makes it very easy.

Head over to the app marketplace and download "IQ Agent," says the company, which has quick instructions.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Dec 2011 11:19
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  • Mysttic

    Well 1 good thing RIM has done.

    16.12.2011 11:30 #1

  • KillerBug

    Too late...Google provided the methods for removing it from Android phones before anyone even knew what CarrierIQ was.

    16.12.2011 23:10 #2

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