Head's up: Spotify U.S. hitting 6 month anniversary

Head's up: Spotify U.S. hitting 6 month anniversary
Spotify finally made its way to the U.S. on July 14th, and hundreds of thousands of early adopters got a peak at the new service from invites through services like Klout and from giveaways from tech sites.

AfterDawn posted a quick review of the great service on that day, as well.

Now that almost 6 months have passed, we have to leave a headsup to any reader that may have gotten in the service those first few days. Once the 6 month anniversary passes for your account, the currently unlimited service will move to a restricted 10 hours per month service. Additionally, you will only be able to listen to the same song 5 times per month.

Spotify offers access to millions of tracks from all the top labels in an easy-to-use interface that includes search, sharing, playlists and more.

To get back to a truly unlimited service, you can pay $5 a month for the PC, or pay $10 per month to get unlimited music on the PC, portable devices, and higher bitrate tracks.

European users were hit with the same restrictions last year, and Spotify quietly noted during their U.S. launch that free accounts would be changing after 6 months.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 7 Jan 2012 23:49
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