Google takes back market share from Bing

Google takes back market share from Bing
Marking the third time since September that it has done so, Google has taken back search engine market share from rival Bing.

ComScore says that for December 2011, Google jumped to 65.9 percent, up half a percentage point. Bing lost an equal amount, down to 14.5 percent. Yahoo remain unchanged at 15.1 percent.

Even though Yahoo uses Bing's search engine technology, the searches are still considered different.

Bing managed to take a decent chunk of share over the past 12 months, thanks to an expensive marketing campaign from Microsoft and promotions like Bing Cashback. Since the fall, however, Google has fought back, taking back share in three of the last four months.

Additionally, Yahoo and Bing seem to switch back and forth every other month, running in place.

If including mobile queries, Macquarie Equity Research says: We estimate that as much as 10%-15% of all Internet search traffic is coming from mobile devices currently and that it will grow to 25%-30% by 2012. Moreover, Google recently indicated that in certain categories, such as restaurants, almost 30% of queries are already coming from mobile devices (other key categories such as Consumer Electronics, Beauty & Personal, Finance/Insurance, and Autos have between 14%-16% mobile queries).

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 10 Jan 2012 19:40
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