CES: Multi-room DVR client becomes standard in Samsung Smart TVs

CES: Multi-room DVR client becomes standard in Samsung Smart TVs
At CES in Las Vegas, Samsung announced that all their future Smart TVs will support the RVU (R-View) protocol, allowing them to work with multi-room media players and DVRs.

They made the announcement in conjunction with DirecTV, whose RVU enabled HR34 Home Media Center HD-DVR was launched late last year. The two companies first showcased the technology at last year's CES. RVU works by means of a server, which in this case is part of the DirecTV DVR, which provides a UI to networked TV clients.

Last year Samsung introduced the D6000 line of Smart TVs (D6000, D6400, D6420), which can be firmware upgraded with RVU support. Now it seems a RVU client will be a standard feature on all future (Smart TV) models.

Stephen Goldstein, vice president of Samsung Electronics America, said in a statement:

Many homes today have more than one TV to cater to the different needs of everyone in the family. By working with a leading provider like DIRECTV, we?re able to offer consumers enhanced convenience in access so they can enjoy the content they desire from any room in the home, any time they choose

Written by: Rich Fiscus @ 12 Jan 2012 8:57
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  • KateKane

    This is great for Directv subscribers who will be upgrading their TVís in the near future, but I canít imagine how much theyíre going to charge for this. Right now, Directv offers the most expensive services and in truth, they donít offer anything new or different from other cable companies. I think the Hopper from DISH was a much more exciting announcement at CES. Itís also a whole-home DVR except that it has a 2-terabyte memory and comes with Prime Time Anytime. The best part is that itís compatible with my Sling Adapter so I can watch TV on my mobile devices outside of the house. Donít get me wrong, Samsung makes great TVís, but the DISH Remote Access app is more my style because I can actually watch TV when I want wherever I want.

    19.1.2012 01:16 #1

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