Hulu revenue grew to $420 million last year

Hulu revenue grew to $420 million last year
Hulu has posted their results for 2011, and it appears the streaming site's strong growth has continued.

CEO Jason Kilar says revenue grew 60 percent from $240 million to $420 million, although the company had internal projections of $500 million.

Hulu Plus now has over 1.5 million paying subscribers who pay $7.99 per month to have mobile access to Hulu's complete catalog of content. Users can watch back episodes of shows like Family Guy and 30 Rock on hundreds of devices, with minor ads.

More than double the amount of subscribers are signing up per day that were in 2010, adds Kilar.

Additionally, Hulu's content grew 40 percent year-over-year and Hulu Plus' content grew 105 percent in the same period.

Kilar concludes that the company will invest approximately $500 million in content in 2012.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 Jan 2012 20:11
Hulu Plus Content
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  • ivymike


    12.1.2012 23:20 #1

  • LordRuss

    Invest $500 mill my ass... Advertisers pay for the whole thing. Just like judicial branches of the government, they always want to bloat the hell out of their gains to the public. I call it the 'bigger dick syndrome'. It's like telling the public the drug bust yielded 4 tons of cocaine instead of the honest 14 ounces that they really got.

    They simply can't live with the truth. Why not tell the viewers 'we're doubling our content' or 'doubling our TV series'. No, take a dollar figure spent on last years productions, claim it as yours & then double it.

    On top of that, get folks to pay for a subscription like it were cable service, still run ads on the website (yeah I know, not during the shows, but you know they slip them in before & after), pure gravy. It's like watching product placement before the movie at the theater.

    Nah, I'll watch Hulu. I just have a different definition of what the "+" service is.

    13.1.2012 12:12 #2

  • buhughjackman (unverified)

    Back seasons of 30 Rock have completely disappeared from Hulu. In fact, Hulu Plus subscribers can't even watch the show on their mobile devices or TV streaming boxes. Epic fail, NBC. Way to make things worse.

    14.1.2012 21:33 #3

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