The latest iPhone 5 rumor; quad-mode LTE support

The latest iPhone 5 rumor; quad-mode LTE support
Investment bank Morgan Stanley has added their say to the ever-growing iPhone 5 rumor pool.

The bank says the next-gen iPhone, which will likely be released in October, will include a quad-mode LTE/4G chip from Qualcomm allowing for fast data access no matter what carrier you have.

Additionally, newer touch panel tech will mean the iPhone 5 is thinner. The company could use new casing materials, as well.

Says the MS analyst (via Insider): "What is clear about iPhone 5 is that Apple and its supply chain are positively surprised by the demand for iPhone 4S, which increases confidence in strong sales for iPhone 5 later this year. Overall, the supply chain looks for stronger than market growth for both the iPhone (50%+ y/y vs. market 20-30%) and the iPad (20-40% growth, higher with a lower priced iPad 2)"

Furthermore, the bank says the upcoming iPad 3 will go on sale in March with much upgraded features including a quad-core processor, LTE 4G support, and a high-resolution Retina Display at 2048x1536 resolution.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 15 Jan 2012 1:53
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  • DDR4life

    "Additionally, newer touch panel tech will make mean the iPhone 5 is thinner."
    Uh ... What?!?

    15.1.2012 02:12 #1

  • nbfreak2

    It means get ready again the apple nuts are ready to spend lots more money!!haha

    15.1.2012 08:30 #2

  • plutonash

    Originally posted by DDR4life: "Additionally, newer touch panel tech will make mean the iPhone 5 is thinner."
    Uh ... What?!?
    I think he means how if apple implements gorilla glass two. The screen will be approximately 20% thinner.

    "Cable thief is a victimless crime."

    15.1.2012 10:36 #3

  • LordRuss

    Quad mode...? Mode what? Mode of transportation? Mode-ous operandi?

    I feel like there should be a four-wheeler joke here or something like an animal implication here, but when it comes to blanket firing at Apple products, where do you start?

    15.1.2012 14:16 #4

  • cdsettlemyre

    Still not paying for apps

    16.1.2012 12:37 #5

  • palwill

    as a non-apple owner/buyer, for my own personal reasons, what is up with the mass amnesia when it comes to a new apple product? is it really that much better than the last one?

    17.1.2012 22:53 #6

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