Samsung merges Bada with Tizen

Samsung merges Bada with Tizen
Samsung has announced it will merge its own touchscreen OS, Bada, with the Linux-based Tizen OS.

Tizen is a joint collaboration between Intel and Samsung. Tizen was born from the ashes of MeeGo, which was an Intel-Nokia smartphone OS before Nokia left it for dead and jumped to Windows Phone.

Samsung launched Bada in 2010 in an effort to update the operating system on their low-end smartphones and their touchscreen feature phones. The OS has multi-tasking, an app store and a completely rehauled UI that looks somewhat similar to Android.

Over 10 million Bada devices were sold last year, making it a marginal success for the company.

Bada will fold into Tizen, but all current apps and the SDK is backward compatible with the new OS. There is a chance that Bada devices, like the Wave phone, will be updated to Tizen later this year via an OTA update.

Samsung says it will launch two Tizen phones in 2012.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 15 Jan 2012 19:13
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