Apple sues Samsung for patent violation in Galaxy Nexus

Apple sues Samsung for patent violation in Galaxy Nexus
Apple has sued Samsung today, again, escalating its already massive attack on the company and its smartphones.

The latest suit is related to the new Galaxy Nexus, which Apple claims infringes on the company's "slide-to-unlock" feature patent.

Apple patented the feature with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in October 2011. In 2006, Apple received a "utility model" registration for the same feature, in Germany. As explained by FOSS Patent a "utility model is a limited fast-track patent that companies are allowed to file for alongside traditional patents, and Apple has done both for the "slide-to-unlock" in Germany."

Because utility models do not carry the "presumption of validity" needed for court rulings, the new case is not expected to be settled soon.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Jan 2012 13:37
Samsung Apple Lawsuit Patents Galaxy Nexus
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  • LordRuss

    And the trolling begins again... I wonder when these judges are going to start coming into the courtrooms armed with the older style lawn darts? You know, the ones with the sharpened metal tips.

    21.1.2012 13:45 #1

  • Hyasuma

    Just because the phone is selling well, you have to sue...Crapple is crap. Slide to unlock is not just on Samsung phones, and it doesn't even say slide to unlock on the screen, it copies more of HTC sense lock screen than copying crapple lock screen.

    Being nice always has its own consequences

    21.1.2012 16:42 #2

  • pensfan12

    Why should you even be allowed to patent something like this?

    21.1.2012 19:43 #3

  • xtago

    Probably go like the other 2 court cases in the US from apple thrown out the door and laughed at.

    the only place they seem to have gotten anywhere is in Germany and that's it, but the judge is a chick who uses iphones and stuff.

    21.1.2012 20:19 #4

  • EzCeazy

    Apple's iOs sucks, hasn't really changed looks since it came out, they are not creative enough for it lol so they have to troll companies that do.

    21.1.2012 21:04 #5

  • xboxdvl2

    think i had a nokia about 3 years ago with a slide to unlock feature.
    watch out people apple with try to patent breathing next.

    R.I.P. mr 1990 ford myself a 1993 toyota corolla seems to run good.computers still going good.

    22.1.2012 11:14 #6

  • SoulGLOW

    Remember when you were in school and there was a needy little rich bitch thats always whining and conniving some scheme to make others look bad so they could feel better about themselves? Apple is like this.

    22.1.2012 16:52 #7

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