Quick note: Google+ Hangout with President Obama tonight at 5:30 EST

Quick note: Google+ Hangout with President Obama tonight at 5:30 EST
As a very quick note for anyone interested, U.S. President Obama is having a Google+ "Hangout" tonight, for the first time, ever.

Reads the note:

Hangout with President Obama tonight! In the first completely virtual interview from the White House, the President will answer questions submitted by people across the country through a Google+ Hangout. Watch the interview live on January 30th at 5:30 p.m. EST right here on the White House Google+ page.

That page is here: Google+ To use Hangout, simply hit the "Hangouts" button to go live.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Jan 2012 14:19
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  • xtago

    probably US people only I would suspect

    31.1.2012 03:15 #1

  • dEwMe

    Gotta be a few Dems still brainwashed enough to wanna check this out. I mean if Apple has fanboys why not Obamma?

    Just my $0.02,


    31.1.2012 13:11 #2

  • SoulGLOW

    I just want to know what he would say or do in response to knowing that I voted for him before but now I'll call him a N-Word (cant actually spell it cuz of moderator nazis) . Go ahead.... make my day. Call me a racist. I'm not...but I hate his ass...I mean his face, cuz he is an ass...and I just want to piss him off...cuz thats all he does is piss me off now. Phuq him.

    1.2.2012 07:49 #3

  • ddp

    SoulGLOW, do that again & i will ban you, post edited.

    1.2.2012 14:09 #4

  • SoulGLOW

    tell you what. if I cant be free to express myself on a site that supposedly is about being free then Ill ban myself and you can go pound sand. peace

    14.2.2012 06:32 #5

  • ddp

    SoulGLOW, i'm not a nazi as i'm canadian.
    6. No foul language, insults, personal attacks or otherwise rude messages.
    15. Political threads, as long as they don't relate to digital multimedia or legislation related to the IT world, are not allowed on this forum. The world is full of political forums where you can vent your opinions, we don't want them here. I rather prefer that this is a forum where a person from country X can ask a question and get an answer to it from a person from country Y, whether the country X and Y are in war or not.

    14.2.2012 10:07 #6

  • aldan

    just to add,it is your right in a democracy to criticize the government.it is also your responsibility to offer an alternative view.to sit,piss,moan,and say you just want to piss him off because he pisses you off is not only childish but downright irresponsible.but what do i know,im just another canadian.lol.not a nazi either.

    14.2.2012 21:36 #7

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