Nintendo strikes 3DS free Wi-Fi deal in Europe

Nintendo strikes 3DS free Wi-Fi deal in Europe
Nintendo has announced a new deal with to offer free Wi-Fi hotspots to European 3DS owners.

The deal will give gamers access to just over 5000 hotspots around the continent.

Free-Hotspot has hotspots in chains like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC and Subway, Ibis Hotels and Etap Hotels.

To get access, 3DS owners just need to download the browser and update to the latest system firmware. When completed, the device will automatically connect when in range.

Users will be able to browse the web for free, or play multiplayer games with friends or online.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 1 Feb 2012 14:01
Europe Wi-Fi Nintendo 3DS
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  • megadunderhead

    and what they don't tell you is the clue in this...

    the nintendo channel on the 3ds here in the u.s is a mass marketing advertisement application it picks up ads from mcdonalds and burger king and other fast food chains when you go there to give you information on games you can purchase at your local game store what i find is funny it is all it does nothing more nothing less a worthless feature what sucks even more for 3ds owners that the nintendo channel happens to log what hotspot you connected to to nintendo so if they spy a illegal flash cart kiss your wifi goodbye no thank you hotspots

    4.2.2012 06:08 #1

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