Sources: Angry Birds, Wordament among Windows Store launch games

Sources: Angry Birds, Wordament among Windows Store launch games
Microsoft is preparing to show off the Windows 8 Consumer Preview later this month, and with it launch the Windows Store.

There will be a number of launch titles in the Store, says a report, including the mobile blockbuster hit Angry Birds.

The rest of the list is as follows: Hydro Thunder, Toy Soldiers, Reckless Racing, Ilomilo, Rocket Riot, Full House Poker, Tentacles, Crash Course, Ms Splosion Man and Wordament.

Windows 8 will come with the old classics, Pinball and Solitaire, pre-installed.

How the Windows Store works for devs is app makers receive a the greater end of a 70/30 revenue split which moves to 80/20 if you bring in over $25,000 in sales.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 8 Feb 2012 22:12
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  • LordRuss

    For the love of... please tell me there isn't such a thing as a 'brick & mortar' Window's Store like the CrApple folks have? That it's just a virtual thing like all the other market ventures & I'm having a 'meds moment', please...

    Other than that, I'm tickled to the point of being pink & called Morbid that Windows wants to add more games to their install. To some folks it's going to be a source of complaint & deemed unnecessary, but it has always been a welcome site since the days I finished with all the floppy shuffling.

    I'm just not real stoked about having to fumble around with another OS after having settled into another pretty descent OS. Not to mention the hassle of the generational POS factor. The possibility that this one may not 'make the cut' due to so much 'new' getting in it's own way is going to be crippling enough.

    Bah... I've said too much. I'm happy for the games. The OS will have to stand on it's own when the time comes.

    9.2.2012 11:21 #1

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