UK broadcaster tells Apple that 'iTV' is taken so find a new name

UK broadcaster tells Apple that 'iTV' is taken so find a new name
For the last few months, speculation has been rampant that Apple is preparing to enter the HDTV market in 2012, and even Steve Jobs suggested the TV was coming before his passing last year.

Following in the trend of all of its other devices, the TV is expected to be called the "iTV" as it will likely run on a variant of the iOS operating system.

ITV, the UK's largest commercial broadcaster, is saying however that it will do all it can to make sure that is not the name Apple chooses for its still unconfirmed device.

The two companies discussed the former's concerns in 2010, but ITV is said to be nervous that new CEO Tim Cook will take a different stance than Steve Jobs did when he told ITV CEO Adam Crozier he would not infringe on the name, at least in Europe.

Apple is looking to launch a "game changing" device, and there are plenty of rumors, each of which seems reasonable. The iTV would run on iOS, have a dual-core processor, have voice and motion controls, have Siri and cost $1500 for a 42-inch device. Additionally, Apple is said to be negotiating a way for consumers to have their TV programming delivered ala carte, with everyone picking only the stations they want, each of which will have its own price tag. The move would certainly disrupt the industry which packages hundreds of channels for a set monthly price.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 14 Feb 2012 14:59
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  • ivymike

    HA HA HA, Apple.

    14.2.2012 23:15 #1

  • LordRuss

    I'll bet their ad campaign will read something like "We'll be watching you!".

    Apple can urinate against gravity along the coarse nature of a finely intertwined, bulk loaded, hemp product used in the shipping industry if they actually 'think' the mass public believes they are trying to "not to infringe" on anything...

    Unless IQs (or whatever is used these days as a barometer to mark some form of intelligence) have dropped, you've truly lived in a cave, propped back up from a 20 year coma or just became drinking age then you've missed out on the endless stream of patent trolling this company has led in the last 2 years.

    They take legal actions like it's good on a salad.

    15.2.2012 11:25 #2

  • drhanaba

    I hope these guys have paitent there item already, before Apple do it for them.

    15.2.2012 13:50 #3

  • llongtheD

    Don't worry Crapple fans, they have 90 billion in the bank to sue for the rights to use the name iTV. Crapple will work it out somehow.

    If your fish seems sick, put it back in the water.

    16.2.2012 08:02 #4

  • wmccusker

    Originally posted by drhanaba: I hope these guys have paitent there item already, before Apple do it for them. ITV do not have a device, they are a UK broadcasting company called Independent Television better known as ITV.

    This is about the name ITV not the device, ITV do not care about the device Apple can try and "patent" it however much they want, but you can't patent a TV. The iPhone is not patented, the technology used is patented and the name is a trademark, but the system itself is not. A TV is a TV. ITV do not care about the TV aslong as apple do not brand it with the name "iTV" or any other casewise permutations of those letters in that order, at least in Europe.

    18.2.2012 00:29 #5

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