Amazon takes 14 percent of tablet market

Amazon takes 14 percent of tablet market
According to research firm iSuppli, Amazon has stormed into 14 percent market share of the tablet market.

The move came only in the Q4 2011, where the Kindle Fire was released in November.

During the same time period, Apple's market share fell from 64 percent to 57 percent, despite a huge growth in iPads shipped.

Additionally, the firm says potential buyers spent their money on the iPhone 4S rather than a new iPad, and the firm expects Apple to make a large push this quarter, especially if the iPad 3 is released.

For the quarter, Amazon shipped just under 4 million Kindle Fire and Apple shipped 15.4 million iPads. While shipped does not automatically amount to actual sales, it is safe to assume that most of the iPads sold and that a significant portion of the Kindle Fire did.

In the market share race, Samsung's Galaxy Tab line came in third with 8 percent and Barnes & Noble's new Nook tablet came in fourth at 7 percent.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Feb 2012 13:19
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