LG gives its 'Optimum' series a new logo

LG gives its 'Optimum' series a new logo
LG has unveiled a new logo for its Optimus smartphone/tablet line.

The new design will "accentuate the metallic edges and slim shape of the 2012 smartphone line-up."

Additionally, the logo "will embody modern and seamless simplicity," which is LG's design aim.

More importantly, the company is preparing to launch "superior smartphones that bring design prestige" to consumers who want aesthetically pleasing and feature-rich phones.

The company is expected to launch a quad-core device at next week's Mobile World Congress.

New logo in the picture sidebar.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 18 Feb 2012 22:07
Smartphones Logo LG Optimus
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  • xaznboitx

    that is not new, adding black to the background isn't new, it's just lazy that they too lazy to create new text logo

    19.2.2012 04:45 #1

  • xboxdvl2

    people will pay more and brag about having a black label phone.havnt you heard putting a black label on anything from scotch to coffee or in this case a mobile phone makes it worth double the price.

    R.I.P. mr 1990 ford falcon.got myself a 1993 toyota corolla seems to run good.computers still going good.

    20.2.2012 01:24 #2

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