Proview sues Apple in the U.S.

Proview sues Apple in the U.S.
The Chinese electronics maker Proview has sued Apple over the trademark to the iPad, after a successful suit in China.

Proview is accusing Apple of fraud in their purchase tactics for the trademark. Apple purchased the trademark from Proview's subsidiary IP Application Development. The company says the "representatives Apple negotiated with claimed that they wanted the "IPAD" trademark because it was an abbreviation of the company name."

Lower courts in Shanghai have sided with Proview in the dispute, but the courts over there are now waiting for a higher court ruling, with all current decisions being suspended. The Guangdong High Court will begin its hearing on February 29th, and the suspension means Apple can continue to sell their product in China.

Apple remains in litigation with numerous other companies, mainly for patents relating to Android and iOS, in the U.S., Germany, China and other nations.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Feb 2012 17:35
Apple Lawsuit iPad proview
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  • Steel-Ice

    Apple is get a taste of its on medicine.

    25.2.2012 17:49 #1

  • phobet

    It was just a matter of time before they screwed over the wrong people, and the people realized it in time to do something about it.

    25.2.2012 22:45 #2

  • xtago

    Apple won't win in China with an Chinese company doing the suing.

    26.2.2012 08:14 #3

  • LordRuss

    Hhm... try to screw as many companies internationally as you can, as fast as you can, as hard as you can and let $100 billion sit with the caveat that no one can touch it till this little legal gem shows up. Sounds like this has been building up for quite some time. Not to mention peculiar how it's not until 'now' that the media has finally caught wind of it's existence.

    Screw unto others... It'll end up being the consumer paying for that coveted name anyway.

    26.2.2012 15:41 #4

  • dcmorrow

    No one is listening to the facts.

    Apple owns IP Application Development. The tactic used in the purchase is fair, given the circumstances Apple would face, if they headlong went after the name as Apple. If Apple came to you and said, they wanted to buy a name from you, how much would you charge? What if an unknown upstart came to you and ask the same question, how much would you charge?

    The difference in value is tantamount to unfair bias and prejudice against a large corporation. Walmart does the same thing when purchasing property to open a brick and mortar store. They buy the land under an assumed name in order to prevent price jacking.

    The company in China, had the IPAD name for a product they sold in the 90's. They weren't currently using it and were happy to sell it to another company that could use the name. The sales documentation came from China, and the headquarters of the complaining company, and not Taiwan, as reported. The documentation is viewable on the web. Hong Kong courts, where the transaction originally took place, had sided with Apple. As you may or may not know, Hong Kong has as a part of it's heritage, Western exposure and business sense.

    The lower courts of Mainland China, will default for a local entity. That is to be expected and can not be the consideration of any wrong doing on Apple's part. If you understand the perspective and situation of Proview, they are falling on hard times and reaching for any way to increase revenue.

    Frankly there is nothing dishonest here, shell corporations for acquisitions are used quite often in the business community. The reasons are to keep trade fair.

    27.2.2012 13:35 #5

  • LordRuss

    Originally posted by dcmorrow: No one is listening to the facts. Which I'll admit your stance is poignant & strongly stated, but based on what? Even in the infancy of Apple's humble beginnings, all was based on the ability to strong arm, sell & weasel those less wittingly to look past the 5 year plan into releasing their immediate use property unto the control of all those Apple (join us).

    Simple deduction through history & public released court documentation prove this to be true. Lest i drudge up the leopard & his spots euphemism, why should we believe this company has changed its ways?

    Plus, we're talking about a trademark violation, not a patent. And we all just KNOW Apple wouldn't rob anyone of any apps, programming or artwork involved the making there of, of (i.e., trademarked/copywritten work) those said works for their own gain without compensation to those hardworking individuals.

    27.2.2012 13:55 #6

  • Jeffrey_P

    "And we all just KNOW Apple wouldn't rob anyone of any apps, programming or artwork involved the making there of, of (i.e., trademarked/copywritten work) those said works for their own gain without compensation to those hardworking individuals."



    Cars, Guitars & Radiation.

    27.2.2012 14:21 #7

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