Redbox, Universal stick with 28-day DVD release delay

Redbox, Universal stick with 28-day DVD release delay
Redbox has announced today that it will continue to offer Universal titles with a 28-day release delay into the future.

The deal will make Universal Blu-rays and DVDs available to Redbox kiosk users 28 days after their release date, and at a much discounted price to Redbox.

Adds Galen Smith, Senior Vice President, Redbox: "The multi-year agreement between Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Redbox represents a win for consumers, Universal and Redbox. Redbox is committed to forging relationships that provide our consumers with affordable and timely access to new release content."

The deal is effective until August 2014.

Universal's move comes on the heels of Warner Bros pulling their discounted movies from Redbox since the kiosk company would not sign off on a ridiculous 56-day release delay. Redbox now offers Warner titles on the first day, but at a much higher price to themselves (usually retail).

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 2 Mar 2012 12:55
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  • megadunderhead

    except for one issue...

    if you fail to release the movies on a timely basis then people will just pirate the movie from another source and not go to red box or they will just wait the 56 to whatever days you decide then pirate the movie from red box and tell you go to h e double hockey sticks

    4.3.2012 17:11 #1

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