Huawei joins Tizen Association

Huawei joins Tizen Association
The popular Chinese handset maker Huawei has joined the Tizen Association, meaning the company will be launching Linux-based handsets in the future.

Furthermore, the group has noted today that a beta version of the Tizen OS source code and SDK are now available.

Compared with the earlier code preview, the beta has additional features, tools, and other improvements, including:

SDK support for Windows, in addition to Ubuntu
SDK source code is now available
Tizen Web UI framework extends jQuery Mobile to make developing web applications easier with optimized widgets.
Tizen Web API provides more features, such as setting an alarm, accessing media contents, retrieving system information, and more.

Huawei would not commit to a time frame for the new devices, however.

Adds the company: "Our ongoing goal is to work closely with our customers and partners to bring truly innovative handset propositions to consumers in all markets and the new Tizen ecosystem complements our existing areas of focus and provides fresh opportunity for tremendously strengthening Huawei's brand name in the mobile segment."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 4 Mar 2012 14:21
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  • pmshah

    I am still wondering how come no one has considered switching to some modified version of BSD to circumvent all those patent suits !

    Apple did !!!

    9.3.2012 21:48 #1

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