The UK is about to get tougher on pirates

The UK is about to get tougher on pirates
ISPs BT and TalkTalk have lost their appeal against the UK government's "Digital Economy Act."

The act, which will force ISPs to send warning letters to alleged pirates and eventually cut them off the web for extended periods, should now be free to go into effect.

Both ISPs had argued that law would put an unfair financial burden on the companies, who will have to foot part of the bill for the crackdown on piracy at the behest of the media companies.

As part of the bill, the ISPs will still have to pay 25 percent "of the qualifying costs incurred by media regulator Ofcom in running and setting up an appeals body for alleged illicit file sharers," says THR.

Additionally, the ISPs will have to pay "25 percent of relevant costs, which are operating fees incurred when identifying which subscribers are accused of illegal downloading."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 6 Mar 2012 22:14
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  • SmaryJerry (unverified)

    So basically this is a finders fee in reverse. They will save money by stopping piracy essentially so ISPs are motivated to spy on their users to prevent fraudulent activity which they have to pay fees for. This is really messed up. If I sold you a gun and you shot someone I shouldn't have to pay for your crime. If I sold you a cooking knife and you stabbed someone I shouldn't have to pay.

    6.3.2012 23:56 #1

  • elbald90

    vpn time i think

    7.3.2012 02:16 #2

  • Mysttic

    Quote:vpn time i think no doubt...

    7.3.2012 03:49 #3

  • hhvv (unverified)

    reverse colonialism, get a taste of your own medicine whitees. Oh and thanks for teaching me english.

    7.3.2012 04:34 #4

  • megadunderhead

    First off you have a huge problem informing this law.

    1 this doesn't stop port forwarding where the user can connect to a u.s server or canadian server and still download via a vpn

    so this law is funny because it won't change anything and most surprisingly why doesn't your country make items cheaper then you won't have piracy issues at all i mean think about this a music cd costs 21.00 u.s in the u.k thats crazy

    7.3.2012 06:10 #5

  • Calebjoebaba (unverified)

    No doubt. I mean, when CDs are $20 a piece heck if I'm going to buy them. I'd rather not have any music if I HAD to buy it for that much.

    7.3.2012 08:43 #6

  • LordRuss

    And they say "it isn't a class war"... Idiots are literally charging people back into the stone age. We can't afford the medium their trying to sell us, despite the fact it's basically free to produce in the first place. Sans the work it took to produce it - say in relation to the music artist's endeavor to not only write the song, but to orchestrate it & perform it as well (you get the picture).

    The finished MP3 (i.e., product) doesn't cost anything to reproduce... LITERALLY. So its sale is virtually pure gravy in the pockets of the 'do nothings'. Therefore, CDs in bulk have probably got to cost next to nothing (what, half cents a piece?) & they're getting about $10 per $20 sale?

    Now in this tree hugging, coddle my balls society we have to start sharing responsibility for criminal activity? Even if it isn't verifiable?

    Yeah, I'd be screaming scam too. If this is going to be the case, if I become victim to such a situation not only will I counter sue the court, but the judge, the DoJ, the Supreme court & every swing dick that put the legislation through for such legal BS. Both house & senate. I'll make them ALL dance like puppets. Get me that one lawyer, what's his name? Prick McSodomy or some such thing...

    7.3.2012 12:50 #7

  • xboxdvl2

    im wondering if someones internet is suspended do they have to keep paying for the service thats no longer available to them or do stop paying for the internet.either way isp's that punish people for commiting piracy will lose customers and reputation.

    blank cds to us are about $20 for a 100 pack at retail price im guessing music productors are paying about 1 cent or less per cd they have to make.pretty sure hitting copy and paste is free (thats an mp3 for you).

    $20 for a cd is too much.petrol prices,electricity prices,gas prices and everyday food costs have risen here in australia and probably everywhere else in the world.

    R.I.P. mr 1990 ford myself a 1993 toyota corolla seems to run good.computers still going good.

    8.3.2012 05:34 #8

  • SoulGLOW

    Originally posted by hhvv: reverse colonialism, get a taste of your own medicine whitees. Oh and thanks for teaching me english. Pound sand punk

    13.3.2012 06:42 #9

  • LordRuss

    Originally posted by SoulGLOW: Originally posted by hhvv: reverse colonialism, get a taste of your own medicine whitees. Oh and thanks for teaching me english. Pound sand punk Now, now... he's just another example for why you shouldn't be 'tooting-up' what you sell.

    13.3.2012 12:51 #10

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