Panda Labs targeted over Anonymous arrests

Panda Labs targeted over Anonymous arrests
Antisec group accuses Panda Security of assisting law enforcement.

A Panda Labs website which markets anti-malware products was defaced briefly on Wednesday, with the front page replaced with a message reading, "Love to Lulzsec/Antisec fallen friends".

The group behind it has accused Panda Security of assisting law enforcement in several arrests made last month. Panda Security said it was investigating the intrusion, but that no information of customers was ever at risk. It said an external server hosting some of Panda Lab's content had been targeted. It's official frontpage has since been restored.

" has earned money working with law enforcement to lurk and snitch on Anonymous activists. They helped to jail 25 Anonymous in different countries and they were actively participating in our IRC channels trying to dox [obtain personal information about] many others," a message left had read.

BBC News asked Panda Security's technical director, Luis Corrons, about involvement in last month's arrests. He denied that Panda Security was in any way involved.

"If I could have had the opportunity I would love to have collaborated with the law enforcement officers to arrest those people - but we didn't in this case," he said.

"We do not have a problem with activism. I find that it is not a bad thing - it may be good and healthy for a society. My main problem with Anonymous people is the way they act. If you are doing illegal things like stealing information that's something that is a crime and we are always willing to help law enforcement stop cybercrime."

Written by: James Delahunty @ 7 Mar 2012 22:03
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