Windows Phone makes its Chinese debut

Windows Phone makes its Chinese debut
Windows Phone has made it to the world's most populous nation.

The first device to reach China is the HTC Eternity (known as the Titan in the U.S.). The smartphone will come unlocked and pre-installed with "a slew of popular Chinese apps" and a Chinese user interface.

HTC will only have a small headstart, however, as Nokia will unveil three phones next week. Although it is still unknown which phones the phone maker is releasing, it is assumed one will be the Lumia 719, a slightly redesigned version of the Lumia 710.

ZTE, one of China's most popular smartphone makers, will also be releasing their "budget-friendly" Tango phone later in the year, as well.

The Eternity will have a hefty price tag of 4,000 ($632) but Nokia is likely to sell their devices for half of that price.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Mar 2012 20:52
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