Man steals laptop, comes back to apologize, steals second laptop

Man steals laptop, comes back to apologize, steals second laptop
A report in the Daily Mail shows the shocking story of Ivan Barker, who had the audacity to rob the same person twice, in broad daylight.

Barker recently stoke the laptop of wheelchair-bound Jacque Mathley. Barker, feeling guilty, later returned to Mathley's house and knocked on the front door. When Mathley answered, Barker said the police had instructed him to apologize and return the device.

Mathley let Barker in the house, and the two chatted. When he eventually went to the bathroom, Barker stole his replacement laptop and left the house.

This time, with a full name and description of the thief, Mathley testified and Barker was given four months in prison.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Mar 2012 13:40
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  • skeil909

    Sounds about right. We'll read more on the story in a month or so. Barker will be out and probably visit Mathley one last time.

    25.3.2012 14:08 #1

  • Hyasuma

    probably have some fetish with new laptops....

    Being nice always has its own consequences

    25.3.2012 14:53 #2

  • A5J4DX


    25.3.2012 16:06 #3

  • GryphB

    LOL, witty. Too bad these id10ts just can't seem to learn a thing about respect for others.

    25.3.2012 16:37 #4

  • xaznboitx

    Ha, why would a cop telling the guy to go to the house without the cop being there with him?

    I wonder why he didn't keep both laptops? first one must be slow

    25.3.2012 17:11 #5

  • ArtieSimpson

    Funny... Is it real?

    26.3.2012 08:53 #6

  • Mysttic


    26.3.2012 10:11 #7

  • LordRuss

    It's not enough to be a POS & steal from the crippled, but to steal what little they had, bitch about what it was, then go back & steal it's better replacement? This mud f*ker should have been junk punked up & down the hallowed halls of the courts for at least a half hour before he was even taken in & sentenced to the four months.

    That still isn't even good enough...

    26.3.2012 15:53 #8

  • xaznboitx

    Lesson be learn... if you allow someone who steals inside your home, don't ever leave them out of your sight!!!! In fact, even if people you know who steals or don't steal, never leave them out of your sight even your best of friends...

    26.3.2012 17:58 #9

  • getanacct

    That thief should be put into jail for at least 2-3 years in maximum security, so he'll know not to steal from anyone again.

    30.3.2012 22:11 #10

  • phobet

    I guess this proves that sometimes, people can just suck...

    31.3.2012 02:37 #11

  • BE32

    ROFL that is just to funny.

    1.4.2012 13:33 #12

  • SoulGLOW

    Kleptomaniac for sure.

    8.4.2012 15:39 #13

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