Internet Explorer gains browser market share in March

Internet Explorer gains browser market share in March
Microsoft has proudly announced that their Internet Explorer browser gained market share in March, one of only a few times in the last five years they have showed a gain in that area.

The figures come via independent research firm Net Applications, who produces reports each month.

On a smaller scale, Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7, which the company calls a "core metric," increased significantly, with over 50 percent of all Windows 7 users now running that specific version of the browser.

For the month, IE moved to 53.83 percent global share, up from 52.81 percent in February.

Firefox and Chrome each lost share, and remain neck-and-neck on a global scale. Firefox fell from 20.92 percent to 20.55 while Chrome fell from 18.90 to 18.55 percent.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 1 Apr 2012 22:19
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  • plazma247

    This hasn't got anything to do with people getting pushed an Update of IE9 and then it asking to become the default browser again has it ???

    6.4.2012 15:22 #1

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