Dropbox doubles up on referral bonuses

Dropbox doubles up on referral bonuses
Folder and cloud sync service Dropbox has announced that referral bonuses will be doubled for the future.

Instead of the normal 250MB you get from referring someone who signs up for the service, you will now get an extra 500MB of space with a cap of 16GB.

Additionally, the person signing up will get an extra 500MB of free space to start the account, while Pro users will get 1GB with a cap of 32GB.

If you have been making referrals in the past, you will be receiving the new extra space, as well, over the next few days.

Until this week, the "double space" program had been available only to users with .edu accounts, aka students.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 3 Apr 2012 22:41
Dropbox Cloud bonus referral
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  • kulliop (unverified)

    Finally! Its about time! If you want (in 1 minute) you can have an additional 1GB just by registering to dropbox with my link :


    (you get 1GB because Im a pro user of dropbox)

    And just drop me an email or a personal message and I will personally explain to you how you can get 5 GB of space for free in 5 minutes.

    5.4.2012 04:37 #1

  • Tracy333 (unverified)

    Interesting news that Dropbox has come up with such an offering for referring friends, which comparatively very high with what Box is offering 50GB for android users. Meanwhile found some interesting tools for cloud storage. Tools such as CollateBox are very promising, went through their blogs they are edifying

    5.4.2012 06:42 #2

  • tommahhh

    I have 19GB on a free account. Jealous??? Xx

    5.4.2012 11:39 #3

  • ThePastor

    Box has a very limited "per file" restriction. I believe you cannot upload a file larger than 100MB making that 50GB practically useless.

    "But the bigger point here is that UMG has effectively admitted this takedown was never about copyright. They demanded YouTube censor Megaupload and justify that by saying they have a contract which allows it so its fine. Its painfully clear what they would do with a law like SOPA that gives them much more power"

    5.4.2012 20:25 #4

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