Looks like this may be the end of Grooveshark

Looks like this may be the end of Grooveshark
Grooveshark has confirmed today that it has terminated its licensing contract with EMI, leaving the music streaming service with an uncertain future.

Says the company (Cnet): "Grooveshark was recently forced to make the difficult decision to part ways with EMI due to EMI's currently unsustainable streaming rates and EMI's pending merger with Universal Music Group, which we consider monopolistic and in violation of antitrust laws. To date, Grooveshark has paid over $2.6 million to EMI, but we have yet to find sustainable streaming rates."

The company has now lost support from the Big 4 labels and there is a pending lawsuit from each of them, as well. EMI also claims Grooveshark owes the label over $100,000.

While Grooveshark will now have to take down EMI's original recordings, but the music will most likely remain since user contributions are allowed on the service and not taken down until a DMCA notice is received by the service.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 4 Apr 2012 18:53
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  • hearme0

    When in doubt..........turn it into a pirating solution and host in Iran.

    8.4.2012 01:50 #1

  • ps355528

    I agree.. greed has no limits.. still seen nothing from my $27k "royalties" collected on clearly declared creative commons licenced music from the damn riaa/prs thieves... just because I refuse to join their cartel!!!

    ARR! Them pesky Navy! Get out of my sea!
    irc://irc.villageirc.net/afterdawn http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/

    8.4.2012 07:31 #2

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