Shazam update for iOS adds 1 second tagging

Shazam update for iOS adds 1 second tagging
Music identification app Shazam has been updated for iOS this week, with version 5.0 bringing significant upgrades and features.

The app can now take just 1 second to successfully tag a music track, and can also find TV content.

Older versions of the app took as long as 30 seconds for tagging.

Along with the new speed boosts, the app has "improved" sharing with social networks while also adding Brazilian Portugese, Korean, and Spanish to the language support.

"We are committed to continually enhancing the Shazam App to ensure we deliver an industry-leading experience," said Alex Musil, EVP Product for Shazam. "With the release of Shazam 5.0 for iPhone and iPod touch, Shazam fans will be able to get the information they're looking for almost instantaneously, giving them lightning-fast access to content and a deeper experience surrounding the song, TV show or TV advertisement they have just tagged. Shazam delivers the fastest and most exciting way to discover, explore, purchase and share music, access more content about television shows, and get more information and even buy products and services from the world?s leading brands."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 4 Apr 2012 22:26
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