Former Intel employee pleads guilty to stealing internal documents

Former Intel employee pleads guilty to stealing internal documents
Former Intel engineer Biswamohan Pani has pleaded guilty to stealing over $1 billion worth of internal information from the company in an effort to advance his own career.

Pani has plead guilty to five federal fraud counts for "stealing valuable computer chip manufacturing and design documents from his former employer" before moving to a competitor.

In May, 2008, Pani gave his two week's notice at Intel, and started working at AMD while retaining access to Intel's data system at the same time.

Reads the DOJ statement: "Unbeknownst to Intel, Pani had started downloading from Intel computers numerous secret documents about Intel's manufacturing and design of computer chips." Intel valued the documents stolen at almost $1 billion combined.

Pani was arrested and charged in August 2008.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 9 Apr 2012 23:10
Intel Guilty Employee stolen documents
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  • ChikaraNZ

    Wow, thats amazing that just one single employee has access rights to confidential documents and trade secrets valued at that much.

    Either he was a very senior employee, or Intels access rights systems werent set up very well.

    13.4.2012 12:15 #1

  • aldan

    what,no comment from amd yet?

    13.4.2012 13:05 #2

  • getanacct

    Dumb!! He could've just tried to come up with something on his own with another company without using Intel's documents, and he would've been ahead a whole lot easier.

    Now, he'll have a record, and no self respecting company will want him on their team if they have any sense.

    13.4.2012 21:57 #3

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