'Pebble' smartwatch raises $2 million

'Pebble' smartwatch raises $2 million
The extremely popular Kickstarter project "Pebble" has raised $2 million in under 72 hours.

Pebble is a smartwatch that syncs with iOS and Android via Bluetooth, including the addition of apps.

The company only hoped to raise $100,000 before May, and the project has clearly exceeded expectations.

200 lucky backers were able to pledge just $99 to get the device, while everyone else will need to pay $115 or more to have the device. The watch will eventually retail for over $150.

There are currently over 14,200 backers of the project.

View details of the incredible little smartwatch here: Pebble Smartwatch on KickStarter

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 13 Apr 2012 13:54
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  • DarthMopar

    Wow...a 21st century wrist calculator! LOL (embarrassed to admit that I want one.)

    13.4.2012 14:48 #1

  • 21Q

    After watching the video. I'm buying one. Just wish I knew about it sooner, would have gotten the dev one.

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    14.4.2012 13:34 #2

  • xaznboitx

    they have this back in the day where people can't tell time, why bother getting this?

    14.4.2012 18:47 #3

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