Gmail downtime actually affected up to 35 million

Gmail downtime actually affected up to 35 million
Yesterday's Gmail outage actually affected up to 35 million people, a lot more than the 6 million that Google initially admitted to, says the search giant.

After fixing the bug, the company said the issue affected "less than 2 percent" of Gmail users. Later in the afternoon, however, Google changed that figure to "less than 10 percent."

Google first confirmed the problems at a bit past noon and finally solved the issue at 1:45 PM.
The outage was caused by a bug that Google did not specify.

Millions of users complained yesterday that they could not access their email and Google confirmed they were working on the issue via Google Apps Status Dashboard. Altogether, the outage stopped access to the service for about an hour.

Gmail has over 350 million active users, so it is assumed that the bug could have affected up to 35 million people.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 18 Apr 2012 14:50
Google Gmail Downtime
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  • xaznboitx

    it worked for me so I guess I'm not one of those effects person

    18.4.2012 18:42 #1

  • g_slide

    None of my 3 accounts worked yesterday, so I fall in the 10%.

    18.4.2012 19:12 #2

  • JST1946

    It was nice while it lasted.I was was tired of getting all those stupid e-mails that I have been sent a million times.

    18.4.2012 22:53 #3

  • xaznboitx

    I hate the new lay out... no way to change it back to old out

    19.4.2012 00:33 #4

  • Zoo_Look

    You could just imap it in a mail client... most clients allow you to skin and use plugins etc.

    20.4.2012 09:43 #5

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