Anontune: Stream your music anonymously

Anontune: Stream your music anonymously
The hacktivist group 'Anonymous' are currently developing a social music platform that promises to allow free and anonymous streaming.

Anontune, as the service has been dubbed, is about 20 percent completed.

The service will aggregate songs from YouTube, Soundcloud, Yahoo Music, Pandora and more and not host even one track on its own servers.

Additionally, the site will allow you to create playlists and share tracks while streaming anonymously using identity masking techniques.

For anyone worried about using an app coded by hackers known for stealing personal information, the group says: "Why would we harm our users? That would really be a little counter-intuitive to our cause."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Apr 2012 12:28
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  • LordRuss

    Very interesting. At the moment it looks to be a leaching move that pulls video playback from Youtube.

    At the moment it still suffers from a form of 'source blocking', as the Youtube servers are reporting back some artists videos as not allowing the Anontube source being a viable source for playback.

    This could mean that the artists may have commercial links on their Youtube pages & don't want any other source outside of their servers being linked to playback or they simply have heard of Anon's attempt at this recent approach to open source entertainment & they want no part of it, given their own reasons.

    At present, I'm not exactly sure (given the demo) what Anon is completely offering us. But I am most certainly willing to stay tuned to see what transpires.

    21.4.2012 14:42 #1

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