Amazon preparing 10-inch Kindle Fire?

Amazon preparing 10-inch Kindle Fire?
Digitimes has reported this week that Amazon is preparing a 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet for release in the Q3 this year.

On the other end, the site has also been reporting that Apple is looking to create a smaller iPad, one that will compete with the current generation Kindle Fire in the 7-inch market.

Amazon has never released an official count on how many Kindle Fire units have been sold, but the number is expected to be over 6 million. Research firms have pegged the Kindle Fire at having 54 percent market share of all Android tablets, even though it only has a 10 percent share of the overall tablet market, well behind the market leading iPad.

Making the 10-inch rumored Fire most notable is the rumored price. Because Amazon does not care to make the money on the hardware itself and instead makes it all back on the apps, music, movie end, the tablet will likely sell for $300, well below the base price of the iPad at $500.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 May 2012 13:41
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