PlayBook to be updated to BlackBerry 10 later this year

PlayBook to be updated to BlackBerry 10 later this year
The BlackBerry Developer Team has announced today that PlayBook tablet owners will be getting an upgrade to the BlackBerry 10 operating system expected to hit later this year.

Unfortunately for current phone owners, the Team confirmed that anyone with a BlackBerry 7 smartphone will have to buy a new phone if they want the BB10 "goodness."

While the BB10 news is a positive for PlayBook owners, it comes with a catch. The update will not be released until after the first BB10 smartphone is released.

The much-anticipated OS will bring a better on-screen keyboard, a cascading user interface for multitasking and other features that should have been on past versions of the OS.

RIM says the new OS will be released in the fall.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 May 2012 0:35
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    Anyone else think BB10 will be DOA?

    21.5.2012 00:55 #1

  • biglo30

    This is the problem with RIM. They always make devices with no updatability to the next new OS. Just got a next OS 5 phone OS 6 released oh sorry your device cannot be updated to this OS. Get a new bold touch 9900 with a 1.2Ghz processor 768 ram and it can't run BB10, what is the restriction? This is why blackberry is failing by making devices dead before they even get started.

    21.5.2012 16:03 #2

  • voyager

    Good os but Apple is going to see this video and implement the technology first.

    21.5.2012 21:24 #3

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