Facebook looking to buy Opera browser?

Facebook looking to buy Opera browser?
According to a new Pocket-Lint report, Facebook is looking into purchasing Opera Software, the company behind the Opera browser.

By purchasing Opera, the company would then create its own "Facebook Browser" that will come with built-in plug-ins and features that will help you more easily keep up with the latest updates in your social life.

Of course, Facebook would be taking on some major heavyweights in Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple. The company will likely prove to be little competition to the leaders, however, despite its 900 million users.

Opera is used by many millions around the world, and its mobile browser is free and popular, as well. By acquiring the company, Facebook would save the hassles of building a fully functionally browser from scratch.

The browser company claims to have 200 million worldwide users.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 May 2012 23:00
Facebook Opera Browser
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  • ivymike


    25.5.2012 23:13 #1

  • bigdan45

    Originally posted by ivymike: HEY ZUCKERBERG: LEAVE MY FAVORITE BROWSER ALONE!!!!!! I know right?! They'll go and Facebook it up....hmmm....Facebook as a verb. New trend? lol Like Googling it up.

    26.5.2012 00:01 #2

  • ivymike

    Especially when there's Flock or Rockmelt both of which require a Facebook account in order to use.....

    26.5.2012 00:06 #3


    Does facebook really deserve its own browser? A plugin, maybe. But what could an entire browser dedicated to facebook offer?

    26.5.2012 00:32 #4

  • ivymike

    There is RockMelt which REQUIRES a facebook account in order for it to work.....Then there's Flock. Facebook + Rockmelt = Better than ruining Opera Browser.

    26.5.2012 00:54 #5

  • xaznboitx

    I find it funny that they said that they want to make a facebook browser yet they buying a browser? why not just team up with them and add plugs in only rather than buy the entire thing

    26.5.2012 16:35 #6

  • scorpNZ

    Most sensible comments i've heard this year so here's my two cents worth,quite frankly facebook can implode up their own backends

    facebbok + opera = face palm

    26.5.2012 18:27 #7

  • 1nsan3

    great i can see facebook, turning into AOL lol.

    For Sale:

    Parachute, Used Once, never opened small stain.
    Best Offer!

    27.5.2012 09:30 #8

  • patioheater (unverified)

    Originally posted by ivymike: HEY ZUCKERBERG: LEAVE MY FAVORITE BROWSER ALONE!!!!!! Like

    27.5.2012 14:13 #9

  • jhvance

    This would undoubtedly be a financial windfall to the company, as most of their revenue stems from smartphone and television/cable interface versions of Opera and not the eponymous PC versions for Windows, Mac or Linux. The last reliable data from a few weeks back placed Opera's market share for PCs in the 1-2% range, with Chrome and IE outpacing FF, Safari and the rest of the stragglers.

    I used Opera as my primary browser for quite a long time (v4-something & paid to eliminate the advertisements to v11.51) but switched to FF after becoming totally disenchanted with the disruptive code changes that completely farkled my e-mail and bookmark databases in the upgrade process once again. Since I'm not a Facebooker, I figure it will be a good match for those who are fans of either or both.

    27.5.2012 17:11 #10

  • tigger4046

    If Facebooks buys out Opera, will they keep Unite to enhance its own services? 191 have signed - Save Opera Unite & Widgets! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/openoperaunited/

    28.5.2012 02:37 #11

  • aeonstom0

    Facebook will probably spy on your every move in the browser just like chrome they probably have you sign in many social webpage just like google. These they all these corporation just wants to collect your info and post it on the internet

    28.5.2012 03:12 #12

  • zxe45

    I love Opera, but some how all the big boys will come a knocking, and the sign of $$$, will be to strong, may be they will re brand it and add some widgets etc, whos is to know. Oh i just remember, people are asking the security commission the same question about the share price of facebook..

    28.5.2012 05:28 #13

  • A5J4DX

    i love firefox but i agree leave opera alone!

    29.5.2012 19:00 #14

  • ivymike

    Now is the time for Opera to open-source their browser code......

    29.5.2012 19:07 #15

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