Samsung reveals Galaxy line sales numbers

Samsung reveals Galaxy line sales numbers
Following the launch of the Galaxy S III abroad, Samsung has revealed some sales figures for their current and past Galaxy products.

The large 5.3-inch Galaxy Note has sold 7 million units, an impressive figure for a device which many believed was only aimed at a small niche of Android fans.

Samsung's Galaxy S line, the most popular Android smartphone line, has sold a combined 52 million units since 2010. The original SI sold 24 million while the Galaxy S II has sold 28 million units as of this week.

Although unsubstantiated so far, the company is said to have already received over 9 million pre-orders worldwide for the Galaxy S III.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 3 Jun 2012 0:47
Samsung Sales Galaxy S III note
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  • xtago

    Australia had the Galaxy S III release for sale on the 1/6/2012

    I think lots have been sold already as some places you have to wait a few days and the Blue hasn't been released yet.

    I've picked up a 32gig blue one, get that in a couple weeks.

    should be good.

    Many people are saying the radio standby can chew up the battery, the only bad thing said so far.

    3.6.2012 07:21 #1

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