HTC blocked from Windows RT?

HTC blocked from Windows RT?
According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is shutting out HTC from developing products for the upcoming Windows RT.

Apparently, HTC doesn't "sell enough devices or have ample experience making tablets," says sources familiar with the situation.

The news comes right on the heels of HTC confirming they are seeing shortages from top chipmaker Qualcomm.

Microsoft's latest update, which will finally run on ARM-based chips, is set for release before the holidays.

The upcoming operating system is called Windows RT on tablets, and Windows 8 on desktops.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 7 Jun 2012 12:44
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  • Azuran

    Because cutting someone's feet out from under them makes them taller right?

    7.6.2012 18:53 #1

  • McHale72

    Hey Andre,

    You're welcome...


    7.6.2012 20:38 #2

  • EzCeazy

    Cause Microsoft is at the top of their game. Ha!

    8.6.2012 01:05 #3

  • xtago

    probably better for HTC but though it's a shame on behalf of Microsoft as HTC made their own mobile platform work in the first place well before iPhones etc.

    8.6.2012 22:11 #4

  • McHale72

    HTC's tablet support blew. The HTC Jetstream, their flagship tablet received only one single ROM upgrade that was nothing more than a security patch. It wasn't even a newer version of Android. They've dropped support for it after less than a year. I SO regret buying it - especially at their ridiculously premium price. They don't deserve a chance with Windows RT. And I wouldn't buy one if they did.

    8.6.2012 23:39 #5

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