Verizon Wireless finally unveils 'Share Everything' plan

Verizon Wireless finally unveils 'Share Everything' plan
The new plan will allow Verizon subscribers to share their minutes, texts and data between devices.

Called the "Share Everything" plan, subscribers can share unlimited minutes, texts, MMS, and 1GB data for $50 between up to 10 devices. For $100 you can share 10GB. Of course, there are tons of other charges on there, and it ends up being $250 per month for 8GB for four smartphones, for example.

Possibly more importantly, the new plans will include mobile hotspot services for up to all 10 devices.

Both new and existing customers are eligible for the plan that begins on June 28th.

All new smartphone buyers will need to use the new contract, meaning they will have unlimited voice and texts even if they don't need them.

An advantage of the new plan, especially for a family, is usage controls by the bill payer. For example, if the family has a 10GB bucket, they can limit how many gigs each family member can get, before they are cut off.

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Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 Jun 2012 21:00
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  • ZippyDSM

    Give me a 5$ per 1GB plan on everything and I might consider getting an Iphone and data plan. Until then....fuq you.

    Until lobbying is a hanging offense I choose anarchy!
    Ah modern gaming its like modern film only the watering down of fiction and characters is replaced with shallow and watered down mechanics, gimmicks and shiny-er "people".

    12.6.2012 21:20 #1

  • cyprusrom

    Of course they will include hot spots for all devices...They already charge a fortune to begin with, and if you go over your limit, they will probably come after your why not let everyone go wild on the hot spot? The more the merrier,

    12.6.2012 22:30 #2

  • ruff469

    This is nothing new. Sprint does this minus the hotspot for same price with unlimited data. All they did was turn it around. Minutes vs data. And with everybody on cell phones the Voice limits are obsolete. Everybody just needs to merge and come up with a $40 everything plan and just charge a lil more for phones like metro. Take all the money a build a network that shines from the stars.
    Gov't is worried about a monopoly but these guys already have all the money. Separating them does us no good. Put the limits on those guys that have free phones provided by the gov't for being on welfare, with ads before they make a call. And make there calls last for 3 mins like in jail lol.

    12.6.2012 23:10 #3

  • core2kid

    Free hotspot on rooted Droid anybody?

    Fuq you Verizon. Out of the 4GB you give me a month, I use 1.5GB tops. I should be able to use the rest for a hotspot for FREE.

    13.6.2012 01:15 #4

  • cyprusrom

    Free hot spot on rooted Galaxy S2 here(just simple root, no fancy Rom), unlimited, with Sprint. Too bad the speed sucks pretty bad, but I guess is good enough when I am in the sticks with nothing else connecting me to civilization.
    I just hope they don't put an end to it(the unlimited deal), like ATT did, even for people grandfathered in.

    13.6.2012 01:39 #5

  • ZeusAV

    Unless you don't use very much data, these plans are brutal.

    13.6.2012 09:00 #6

  • LordRuss

    Ahh yes, it's just those pesky little demons in the details ain't it? That little $100 plan is actually $250... a 150% increase in what they're really telling you.

    Not in my house! Little bastards won't share a box of ice cream sandwiches much less the bill for a phone/data plan! That's why they all pay for their own.

    Yeah, I know... I'm an a*hole... I never made any arguments about that.

    13.6.2012 13:35 #7

  • joebloe12

    With the $45.00 a month unlimited EVERYTHING straight talk plan and an unlocked iphone....why would I want to be stupid and go with verizon?

    They use verizons towers for talk and text why pay verizon more?

    I just don't get the stupidity of some people.

    14.6.2012 02:53 #8

  • LordRuss

    Originally posted by joebloe12: I just don't get the stupidity of some people. It's probably a great plan & option & especially for you, but then add that on top of 3 more people in your house. El Toro caca adds up fast don't it? You kinda end up right where Verizon has you.

    Granted, you still have 'unlimited' with your idea, but some may argue 'convenience'. Like, having to go into Walmart to pay for the card on time or if they pay with a credit card what additional charges are there...

    Not starting a debate. Just throwing out plausible excuses others might make. Goddly knows I need to make a change. $100 for the same crap I've been going through & now the rumor has it that they're going to null the grandfather clause on unlimited service?

    Yeah, straight talk probably isn't the worst idea at this juncture.

    14.6.2012 13:51 #9

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