Microsoft unveiling its own Windows RT tablet on Monday?

Microsoft unveiling its own Windows RT tablet on Monday?
According to multiple credible sources, Microsoft is preparing to unveil their rival to Apple, Google and Amazon at an event on Monday.

The new tablet will run on Windows RT, the software giant's tablet version of Windows 8.

Windows RT runs on ARM processors, so the tablet may be the first with Windows to run on an ARM processor.

AllThingsD says the decision was made after "Microsoft concluded that it needs its own tablet, with the company designing both the hardware and software in an effort to better compete against Apple's strengths."

Microsoft will also be manufacturing the device itself, cutting out third-party manufacturers.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 15 Jun 2012 13:43
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  • LordRuss

    With one eye popping, the other burning from pink eye & a weird burning sensation when I urinate; I can only say, " This looks like to be interesting..."

    yet with that picture painted in your minds, I can't help sensing a faint foul smell in the air that reminds me of the first visit to the mens room when I was in kindergarten.

    [Historical significance: This was back when kids still went to full on schools & not the touchy feely small classrooms with the tiny water closets they have today. I'm talking the full on, Sandusky's around the corner kind of mens room frightful experience...]

    15.6.2012 15:30 #1

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