Making a Skype call in Ethiopia comes with jail time

Making a Skype call in Ethiopia comes with jail time
Thanks to new legislation passed by the government, using Skype in Ethiopia can come with a 15-year jail sentence.

The legislation actually criminalizes the use of VoIP in the country, and that includes notable services like Skype and Google Voice.

In the nation, all citizen's communications are monitored by authorities, but VoIP was the exception.

Ethio Teleco is the only communications infrastructure in the country, and it is run by the government. The new legislation also bans video chatting, social media, e-mail, and "any other data transfer service capable of communicating information."

Finally, the new law also "gives the government the right to inspect any imported voice communication equipment as well as the power to ban any inbound packages that don't have prior permission from the state," says VB.

Long story short, using the Internet to make phone calls can get you 15 years in jail and a large fine. Using VPN and Tor may not work either, as the government has installed a system to block access to such services.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Jun 2012 17:17
Skype jail ethiopia
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  • Arjun00

    they must be on the verge of attracting the amish population.

    16.6.2012 18:37 #1

  • 3MUK

    Time to visit Ethiopia and test this new law

    16.6.2012 21:45 #2

  • i1der

    less then 1% of Ethiopia will be affected. Only if they could feed their people instead.

    16.6.2012 21:56 #3

  • Semperfipal

    Are they paranoid about a revolution? They should be laws like this.

    16.6.2012 22:53 #4

  • cyprusrom

    With all the MAFIA crying about piracy and lobbying the sleazy politicians, not long before we get a taste of same kind of freedom...or lack of it.

    17.6.2012 00:17 #5

  • tolla

    The Ethiopian government is the worst dictatorial regime in East Africa, the government did worst things than blocking Skype but as far as Meles Zenawi is a friend of America its okay let him terrorized his own people what unfair world we are living???

    17.6.2012 05:56 #6

  • JST1946

    Well I guess I can scratch Ethiopia from my bucket list.

    17.6.2012 23:28 #7

  • SoulGLOW

    Originally posted by JST1946: Well I guess I can scratch Ethiopia from my bucket list. they would just steal your bucket

    3.7.2012 09:01 #8

  • JST1946

    Yeah I'm glad you reminded me.Thanks a lot.

    3.7.2012 13:28 #9

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