Google's latest Android statue melts

Google's latest Android statue melts
The newly introduced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was unveiled to a strong reaction at Google's I/O event in June.

Each time Google unveils a major update to their platform, the company also introduces a large statue for their campus.

Unfortunately, the statue has run into some issues, says Android engineer Dan Morrill:

"Jelly Bean is so ridiculously hot that the JB statue overheated, and his head partially melted and popped off.

And then we think somebody stole one of the jelly beans. People: please don't steal our jelly beans.

Anyway, they've got the poor guy coned off now, for your safety but mostly for mine. But fear not, the designer is already working on a bug fix."

For a more in-depth look into Jelly Bean, check our report here: Android 4.1 in-depth

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 3 Jul 2012 19:00
Google Android Jelly Bean Statue
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