Video game collection sells for $1.2 million on eBay

Video game collection sells for $1.2 million on eBay
A massive collection of video games has just sold for $1.23 million on eBay.

French video game collector "Andre" (no last name), put the auction up last week and it included just over 7000 video games from classic gaming consoles.

The consoles in question are from Famicon, NEC, Sega and Nintendo and has 22 full sets.

"I perfected some full sets by getting every title of them factory sealed, just for the challenge of it," Andre said in an email. "Some titles are extremely hard to come by brand new when they're 25 years old. Now that the mission is complete, maybe it's time to move on."

Many of the systems include every game ever made for them, and Andre says the rarest game he has is "Go-Net" for Sega Mega Drive. He has one of only two copies on earth, says the collector. Kunio-Kun Dodgeball Gold for the Super Famicom is one of just eight copies in the world, making it extremely rare, as well.

"What was important was the completion of each full set, every game of all those systems, all complete in box with instructions, or even brand new factory sealed. Any good video game store could sell instantly a 20,000 games stock, and it wouldn't approach such price."

The final bid was $1.23 million with a shipping cost of $1230. The collection is headed to Canada, if the buyer actually pays.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 9 Jul 2012 23:12
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  • LordRuss

    Lucky bastard if you ask me. (I know you didn't... har har, for those comedians.)

    But slightly off topic... wasn't there a poor guy in military mythology that when he got drafted, he was asked his middle name - he didn't have one - so when he answered "No Middle Name", apparently it chased him in a comedic fashion throughout his military career?

    I only bring it up because of the Andre "No Last Name" comment in the article. And the fact I have some complete collections of stuff that I'm sure would bring caca on ebay... I.e., sour grapes.

    10.7.2012 11:27 #1

  • dodger5

    Or he could have traded it all in to Gamestop for $22.50.

    Keep your head up, keep alert, and don't let them take you by suprise.

    10.7.2012 17:02 #2

  • JST1946

    I have an old collection of stuff and even the working consoles.I'll just keep on saving them until I die and give them to my grandchildren.I rather they have it than
    sell it for money.

    20 Year U.S.Army Veteran.Vietnam 1969-1972 101st Abn.Div.

    10.7.2012 17:10 #3

  • tongs007

    if i wanted all those games........... I being totally above law would just downlaoad them and run them via homebrew and emus on my wii. for the price of????????????????? answers on a postcard

    10.7.2012 18:17 #4

  • A5J4DX

    wow he got a wicked deal if he gets paid out

    10.7.2012 19:04 #5


    Originally posted by dodger5: Or he could have traded it all in to Gamestop for $22.50. LMAO sooo true.

    11.7.2012 10:31 #6

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