Apple is involved in 60 percent of all mobile patent suits

Apple is involved in 60 percent of all mobile patent suits
Thanks to a new report from Kanzatec IP Group, an intellectual property consulting firm, it appears that Apple is involved in a full 60 percent of all "major" mobile patent suits.

Reads the report: "With its growing global market share and huge amount of cash on hand for possible settlements, Apple is becoming a bigger and more attractive target for patent holders. I would speculate that Apple will continue to be at the center of the litigation map of large mobile IT companies for as along as it maintains its dominant place in the market."

Apple is both the defendant and the aggressor in the suits but the majority of the time it has begun them. Over the past years, the company has secured injunctions against Android products from Samsung, HTC and Motorola and has tons of others pending rulings.

Check the chart here for current litigation:

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 13 Jul 2012 19:14
Apple Patents Lawsuits
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  • JST1946

    Apple is always in a pissing contest with someone these days.

    20 Year U.S.Army Veteran.Vietnam 1969-1972 101st Abn.Div.

    13.7.2012 20:31 #1

  • Notcow

    No surprise. Wish that chart was of decent quality, though.

    14.7.2012 03:53 #2

  • LordRuss

    Apple is still reflecting the lackadaisical attitude of their founder... build the minimum, sell for the maximum, get slave labor to believe in your product & attempt to support it and once your adoring public can no longer get your product to work - convince them to pay even more for a POS that can't be upgraded or repaired; all under the auspices of "this is the future".

    14.7.2012 11:22 #3

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