Viacom, DirecTV settle case and channels are returned

Viacom, DirecTV settle case and channels are returned
Earlier this month, we reported that DirecTV had dropped over two dozen Viacom cable channels thanks to an ongoing dispute over licensing fees.

Popular channels like Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV went dark while the two companies tried to work out an agreement on fees.

Earlier this week, the groups announced a formal agreement, and 26 channels have been returned.

Says Viacom: "Viacom is extremely pleased to bring its programming back to DirecTV subscribers, and thanks everyone affected by the disrupting for their patience and understanding during this challenging period."

Allegedly, DirecTV will pay out $600 million per year for access to the channels, which is an increase of over 20 percent from the previous deal.

Additionally, with the new deal, DirecTV subscribers will be able to watch Viacom content via "tablets, laptops, handhelds and other personal devices" using the DirecTV Everywhere platform.

DirecTV has 19 million subscribers and is the largest satellite TV provider in the nation.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Jul 2012 17:05
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  • LordRuss

    But don't worry folks, that $600 million isn't coming out of their pockets... no, no. You, the honored subscribers will be paying the lion's share of that.

    Even though the programming you are watching has been payed for multiple times over (reruns) & is so free that just breathing the name of the show into the air should have gotten 'you' paid.

    That had advertising monkeys of products pulled back on their blitzkrieg tactics, the absurd expenditures spent on TV exposure could drop their prices by 50%. And no that's not a made up figure either. Remember guys, I've been in the inner sanctum.

    Then take the greed bastards & their bloated quarterly sack off the table & this whole debacle should have never taken place. Sure satellites are expensive, but when was the last time any of these jerk wads put one up? [Yeah, I know, 2009, a Boeing 702 model satellite, who's design was in 1998. Total cost, $274 mill LINK - haters beware]

    My point being, those satellites are going to be up for about 15 years & 'with' insurance. Even at $500 mill that's $33 mill a year in payments (if they chose to cook their books that way). Obviously, 100 mill in 5 for taxation purposes.

    In 2011, DirecTV made 27.8 BILLION, after the light bills were paid & the CEOs wrapped their cocks with a couple more layers to impress their new mistress', they still reported far more than 10% cash flow sitting.

    Is Viacom completely without guilt here? Absolutely not! They're worse! If not for DircTV, Dish & the myriad of cable outlets they wouldn't have shit to get their viewing schlock out into the airwaves. For all intents & purposes They should be paying Them.

    Kind of like the f*king ASCAP/BMI shaking down radio stations for money for playing records that would otherwise never be heard in the first place.

    Makes it all so we just go back to the rabbit ears with the aluminum foil...

    22.7.2012 11:13 #1

  • pudly1

    MTV is a popular channel? Does anyone actually still watch that channel?

    30.7.2012 15:19 #2

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