Google adds scientific calculator to search results

Google adds scientific calculator to search results
Google has updated their search results to include a new scientific calculator.

Formerly, the results would just show the calculated results if you were to type, for example, 5+5, but now the result will pop up on a full calc with 34 buttons including logarithmic functions.

Additionally, if you search the term "calculator," the new tool pops up first, as well.

A Google spokesperson added: "Users have been able to search for equations for a while and quickly see the answer on the search results page, and we recently expanded the feature to include a graphing function and 3D graphing. Today we've updated the calculator feature to be more intuitive and easy to use."

Perhaps the "coolest" feature is the fact that it works with Desktop Voice search, allowing users to speak equations out loud and get answers.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Jul 2012 23:50
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