Apple calls Mountain Lion its 'most successful OS X release ever'

Apple calls Mountain Lion its 'most successful OS X release ever'
Apple fans have been flocking to Apple's latest Mac OS X upgrade, downloading the release 3 million times during its first four days of availability.

The update tightly integrates with cloud storage solutions for Mac users, as well as steal multiple features from iOS, the company's mobile operating system. Among the new features is an OS-based integration with social networking giant Facebook, microblogging giant Twitter and other services like Flickr for sharing pictures. Additionally, "Messages" will replace the former iChat system, allowing you to send instant messages to any Apple user, whether they are using an iOS device or a Mac. Finally, the update will also bring basic dictation to your Mac, allowing you to talk into the mic and have it converted to text.

Although those features are notable, they certainly aren't mind-blowing, and Apple seems to have admitted this by making the update just $20. It is also quite simple to upgrade, as long as you have the right current operating system.

You head into the Mac App Store, buy the OS as if it was an app, let it install in the background and then finally reboot.

Adds Phillip Schiller, Apple VP of marketing: "Just a year after the incredibly successful introduction of Lion, customers have downloaded Mountain Lion over three million times in just four days, making it our most successful release ever."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Jul 2012 16:02
Apple Downloads mac OS X Mountain Lion
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  • LordRuss

    OK, let's get one thing straight... out of the 3 million times downloading - you can't count screwed up or crashed retries as a new download.

    Then this 'new' dictation system... where the hell have you been Apple? Windows has had this since XP! No, it might not have been the greatest in its infancy, but it was a pretty good start.

    And then you get the Apple Market... Hold back my beating heart. One more avenue that's totally proprietary to Apple only & expects you to buy ONLY their product & theirs alone. That's NOT what I'd call a feature.

    Lion isn't an upgrade, it's an update & the cops should be showing up to this party any time now.

    30.7.2012 18:01 #1

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