uTorrent makes new ads optional, also discusses making client lighter

uTorrent makes new ads optional, also discusses making client lighter
Last week we reported that uTorrent, the most popular free torrent client, will now get ads as BitTorrent Inc. looks to pay its hefty bills.

Until this week, users had the option to install a sponsored toolbar during the installation process, but now whether you install it or not you will be hit with ads in the form of "featured torrents." These featured torrents will range from software to music, games and movies.

Just days later, following a user 'revolt,' BitTorrent Inc has backtracked from that decision, saying the 'featured torrents' ads will be optional, with users able to turn them off if they don't want to be bothered.

"We've long contemplated an opt-out mechanism for the new offers and advertisements we will be experimenting with. Given all that's been said here, we've decided to release the initial version with an opt-out mechanism. Users should have the choice to opt-out, and we will provide them with ways to do so," added BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker (via Freak).

Additionally, following strongly negative feedback on the state of the client itself and its slow but sure move into bloatware territory, Klinker says the company is looking into potentially offering a light version of the client.

"We will be removing Apps in a near-future release because they've not been a success among our user base worldwide. Similarly, we will evaluate other existing features. We know that not every one of our features is a success, and our goal is to ship a slim base product with only those features users like and use.

Beyond this, we hear the calls among many of you for a that is smaller and meaner than the current . Something like 1.6, 2.0 or similar. Over the past year, we've discussed various paths to getting there and are taking this request seriously."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Aug 2012 18:32
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  • Bozobub

    "Various paths to getting there"..? Seriously? STOP ADDING SILLY BLOAT. There's a reason so many users won't use any version past 2.2.1.

    16.8.2012 20:00 #1

  • Interestx

    I wish they'd all just wake up & realise we don't need yet another media player or social networking portal or any of the rest of the cr@p they bloat out their stuff with.

    A nice light bittorrent client is all I ask, please.

    17.8.2012 10:21 #2

  • jhvance

    I never accept any of the bloatware offerings, and make a definite point of turning off the auto-update function whenever I upgrade the installation, but with each new move toward intrusive crapware treatment by the developers I'm getting more and more inclined to simply uninstall it completely.

    17.8.2012 13:19 #3

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