Nexus 7 sequel coming this year for $99?

Nexus 7 sequel coming this year for $99?
According to the hit-or-miss Digitimes, Google and Asus are preparing a revamped model of the Nexus 7 for release in November that will cost just $99.

Additionally, there will be a $199 model of the device, matching the price of the current 8GB Nexus 7.

If accurate, the release date matches the expected date of the so-called iPad Mini, which could possibly be announced in October for release in early November. The iPad Mini is said to feature a 7.85-inch display, an A6 processor, no Retina Display and no LTE support.

More importantly, the device is expected to cost between $250 and $300, about half the price of a new iPad third generation but only $100 cheaper than an iPad 2.

If Google somehow figures out how to sell a Nexus 7 variant for $99, it would break a whole new barrier to consumer entry and certainly put the heat on rivals, including Apple.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Sep 2012 14:15
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  • bigfamei

    I would be shocked if they can get it down to 99 dollars.

    27.9.2012 14:48 #1

  • A5J4DX

    Originally posted by bigfamei: I would be shocked if they can get it down to 99 dollars. so will I it'd be so epic!

    27.9.2012 15:23 #2

  • bigfamei

    Originally posted by A5J4DX: Originally posted by bigfamei: I would be shocked if they can get it down to 99 dollars. so will I it'd be so epic! word man, being a early adopter doesn't mean shit. If you can get it cheaper in 6 months

    27.9.2012 15:46 #3

  • nonoitall

    I don't see how they could sell something comparable to the Nexus 7's hardware for that price without taking a pretty hefty loss. If they lower the specs a bit it might be attainable. Who knows though.

    27.9.2012 18:02 #4

  • blueboy09

    Nope, don't see this happening, unless it was heavily subsidized by the carriers, but even that seems to be going the way of the dodo bird, since telcos are too greedy anyways....

    Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

    27.9.2012 19:23 #5

  • Mr_Bill06

    If they can crank out a $99 tablet without cheaping out to much on the hardware mainly the processor and graphics, I will be a buyer. I could careless about the screen or built in storage. At $99 I would rather have a good user experience instead of a nice display then a crappy user experience because the CPU and GPU can't keep up. storage they should have 2-4gb built in and then give us a micro SD or SD slot. People pay $99 for those tablets that are iffy on ebay from China, just think a well built tablet from ASUS sold by Google for $99. Sure the tablet is built in China as well but when you have Google and ASUS backing it I don;t think you can go wrong. Just hope this comes to fruition.

    28.9.2012 02:32 #6

  • Mr-Movies

    There is no reason they can't get the price down as tablets in general are way over priced, they have the margins that can easily drop in price.

    I can get a much more powerful PC's for less than any iCrap or major Android tablet and that includes Netbooks too vs. tablets.

    The problem with the Nexus is 3 fold, camera's, SD slot, and what was the third?

    I will go with the Acer or maybe the FireHD before even thinking about the Nexus.

    28.9.2012 12:42 #7

  • tomamitai

    Why no link to the original item on Digitimes?

    28.9.2012 15:39 #8

  • ThePastor

    I'm guessing the $99 tablet will be "On contract" for the new 3G or LTE Nexus. Which means you will be tied to an overpriced data plan.

    $99 for a WiFi only, no contract Nexus 7 would be a complete Game changer.

    Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

    28.9.2012 20:28 #9

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