Samsung posts massive profit

Samsung posts massive profit
Despite Apple reducing orders for processors and display, Samsung posted a massive $7.3 billion quarterly profit, a record for the company.

Samsung says sales of high-end HDTVs and Galaxy smartphones more than helped offset Apple's decision to look elsewhere.

The company does expect to have slightly lower profit next quarter, as marketing budgets are expected to go up, and performance bonuses to their 200,000 staff members will add up. Samsung is said to have spent $2.7 billion in advertising/marketing for the last quarter alone, mainly on their Olympics and Galaxy campaigns. Additionally, the company may have to put $1 billion aside to pay Apple after losing their patent dispute in the U.S. in late August.

Smartphone shipments totaled 58 million during the quarter, with 22 million being S III units.

The company expects a full year profit of about $24 billion, a record for the company.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 5 Oct 2012 0:39
Samsung Smartphone Profit Galaxy S III
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  • Notcow

    Wow! That is indeed a massive profit. Guess that, in the end, that Apple lawsuit won't destroy them to any extent.

    6.10.2012 14:35 #1

  • LordRuss

    I'd still let that $1 bill set in escrow & collect interest while they appeal Apple's obviously biased (more like blown over a deal regarding the hiding of dead hookers or proof of pedophilia) & then cash it back out with the little something-something they get from their counter suit.

    It's nice to see a company can still make it (survive?) despite a super conglomerate's uber belligerent nuclear detonation of the troll bomb.

    7.10.2012 14:50 #2

  • blueboy09

    Boom! They're went that bomb, contrary to belief, it seems that they actually benefited from the lawsuit instead of hurting them. Makes you wonder what the hell what "side job" they are doing to keep their heads afloat...

    Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

    7.10.2012 17:21 #3

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