iPad mini 'banned' commercial goes viral

iPad mini 'banned' commercial goes viral
"The iPad mini is the future.... it's the future until May at least... probably more like the end of May.... or more than likely June."

A spoof iPad mini commercial is becoming something of a sensation. The brilliant mimic of Apple's ads pokes fun at its latest products, the iPad mini (which is DEFINITELY not the iPod touch!) and the fourth generation iPad (which now makes the third generation iPad the "Old new iPad")

The video also pokes fun at Apple's obsession with making products thinner.

The spoof ad also comes as another shot at Apple from U.S. comedian Conan O Brien received some attention. "You're just trying to fill the empty void in your sad life," Conan asserted to people who will buy everything from Apple's stores on release day.

Enough reading, watch the wonderful "banned" iPad mini commercial..

Written by: James Delahunty @ 30 Oct 2012 14:19
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  • Crappy_Prof (unverified)

    I want one, of each.

    31.10.2012 10:25 #1

  • Zoo_Look

    I want ten of each real apple product. Then I can have the pleasure of smashing them to bits...

    1.11.2012 10:44 #2

  • bmb5 (unverified)

    I thought this one was pretty funny too. These things pretty much write themselves with the ridiculous language apple uses to promote their products. It's called: Apple's Revolutionary New Toy on youtube

    17.11.2012 02:29 #3

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