ARM moves to 64-bit CPUs for future smartphones, servers

ARM moves to 64-bit CPUs for future smartphones, servers
ARM goes 64-bit.

The Cambridge-based chip designer has shown is 64-bit architecture that will power the next generation (and beyond) of smartphones and tablets, while also providing Intel Corporation with competition in the servers market.

The British company's designs are at the core of Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, as well as rivals in the Android space like Samsung's Galaxy S III, thanks to their combination of computational ability and low-power consumption. Now ARM has shown its first blueprints for 64-bit processors to power the next generation of devices.

"When we are looking at 'superphones' and tablets, the consumer is having to deal with much more data, particularly if they start to originate material on these devices," ARM's processor division marketing VP Noel Hurley, said.

On Monday, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced it would make ARM-based processors for servers, as well as continuing to make chips based on x86 architecture, putting heat on Intel, which has dominated the server space.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 31 Oct 2012 1:03
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